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Dear Friends,

Vintage Tours is being sold and I wanted to thank everyone for your friendship, your business, your support and just being all around great people!  I had the best time with each and every one of you. 

I also wanted to tell you how important you all were to me for another reason....I started the business in 2009 - probably I told most of you that it was just a good time for me to learn something new, “get out of my box”, and/or that I needed more adult conversation (for those of you who know my background was teaching preschool).  All true, but what really got me started dates back to 2006 when my son, Adam, was killed by a drunk driver.  Adam was just 16.  It was the drunk driver’s 4th DWI - and I could go on and on about our ridiculous justice system, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.  I’ll just leave it to say that the drunk driver got 3 years in jail and 10 years probation.  Anyway, in the time that followed my thoughts kept going back to “designated driver, designated driver....” and that’s how Vintage Tours was born.  It was an incredible experience.  I had to learn all kinds of new things, the website, the marketing, the bookkeeping (taxes, ugh!!), and so on.  Keeping busy was therapeutic for me.   And touring with all of you was WONDERFUL!  Meeting new people each week - who were out to have a fun day?  What more could I ask for?  I have been so blessed.  

But now it is time to move on yet again.  Vintage Tours has gotten to be pretty popular!  Not that I was able to turn much of a profit (dang that ol’ Farticus and his need for mechanical attention), but it was enough.   This year I needed to either expand (buy another vehicle, hire another driver etc.) or think about selling.  Well, #1 I didn’t have enough money for another bus (or employees!) - but - really - expanding my cute little tours just didn’t seem like ME.  And there are some other ideas that I’d like to pursue -  one of them being my small personal ministry, “Memorial Videos”.   I create videos (free of charge) for people who have lost a loved one (typically used during memorial services).  I just want to pass on what people did for me when my son was killed.  It’s been the greatest “pay back” or “pass it on” ever.   Much as I am grateful to be able to do that for people (and I’ll continue to do so), it’s not going to pay the bills here at home.  Dang it.  So, I’m looking.  And thinking.  I am hopeful something just right will turn up yet again.  

As for Farticus, he was bought by one of his original owners - who was so pleased to catch up with his “old friend”.  I was really happy for both of them.  The plans are for Farticus to be “restored” yet again.  I believe they are going to remodel him to look like the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine van, and he will be displayed in a showroom.  What a nice way to retire for a well used, well loved, 1971 VW bus.

Again, thank you all for everything.  You have no idea how important you all were in my life and I am so grateful.

Peace out,


Fun always wins!

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